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Local Cub Scouts Cheer On Disabled Basketball Players

FAIRBORN — A bi-monthly basketball tournament for disabled athletes happened today at the Nutter Center, and it took on a whole new meaning for certain fans in the stands.

“About the only thing that really slows us down is a set of stairs. Basketball hockey, baseball, tennis… it doesn’t matter… you can participate one way or another,” said Greg Johnson, who’s been shooting hoops for 15 years.

These athletes are playing all weekend in a tournament put on by the Miami Valley disabled Athletes Association.

“Most people think we sit at home and do absolutely nothing. So as you can see it’s a pretty physical sport, and some people do fall out of their chairs. You get up and keep going,” said Johnson.

That was a life lesson being taught in the stands today.

“We just wanted to come out and support them,” said Jakob Burdick who sat with his fellow Tiger Scouts in Pack 167 to watch the action, all part of their Cub Scout education.

“they can learn a lot by coming out here and seeing that you can still be active even if you have some type of disability,” said Greg Meyer, the Den leader.

The boys are getting the message.

“If you ever get injured or something you can still keep being active. And just let nothing slow you down,” said Burdick.

“It’s neat to be sort of that educational tool but also you go on and live life just because you’ve been hurt or paralyzed life goes on,” said Johnson.

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